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The Griekwastad Murders
The Griekwastad Murders
Sentencing Document from the Northern Cape High Court
The Griekwastad Murders

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Jacques Steenkamp


Judge President Frans Kgomo has decided that he will sentence the 17 year old Griekwastad Murderer and Rapist on the 13th of August, two days before his 18th Birthday on the 15th of August. This is also the date, that if Kgomo allows it, the media will be allowed to identify the boy. State Prosecutor Hannes Cloete asked that the boy be sentenced to 25 years per murder, 15 years for the rape and another five years for defeating the ends of justice. It total, if Kgomo agrees with Cloete, the boy will receive 95 years for his crimes, but he will only serve 25 years because his sentence will be served concurrently. He will also become eligible for parole after only serving half of this sentence, which could mean he will be released from prison when he is 30 years old.


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User Comments:
Re: Sentencing - by Ina
June 28 2014 18:48:57

Jacques, ek waardeer al die moeite wat jy doen om vir ons inligting oor hierdie grusame saak te gee. Ek lees jou boek en vind dit baie interessant en boeiend! Ek voel nes jy oor hierdie "kind"! Ek het ook van die begin af "geweet" en geglo hy is die skuldige, ek sal graag wil weet wat die ware rede is..... Ek wens hom als van die slegste toe en hoop hy suffer in die tronk! Ek hoop jy gaan 'n Oscar Pistorius boek ook skryf. Asb?

Re: Sentencing - by Maria duPlessis
July 24 2014 12:35:31

For those that think I am not human. I apologise. This young man should have no right as he took away the rights of the people that he slaughtered/executed. This is the time we need a death penalty.
I have read the book and this young man must receive life without the option of parole ever. He is a danger to society as one never knows when he will kill again to hide his evil deeds or to get his own way. I was shocked that some of his family members still think he is innocent. I guess blood is thicker that water. Good luck to him may he rot in hell one day.

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The Griekwastad Murders
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