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The Griekwastad Murders
The Griekwastad Murders
Sentencing Document from the Northern Cape High Court
The Griekwastad Murders

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Sentencing delayed

Hi there,

I'm in the process of writing a more in-depth piece on what occurred last week during the first part of the sentencing. But I'll just summarize what I know here so that you don’t feel neglected.

Basically in those four days (13 to 16 May 2014) the State called two witnesses for aggravating circumstances and the Defence called several witnesses for mitigating circumstances. From what my sources told me, the State will only call one more witness after Defence Attorney Riaan Bode finishes with his witnesses.

I received messages from lots of people who wanted to know if the boy is innocent seeing that so many people continued discussing his innocence last week. No, he is guilty and have been ever since Judge President Frans Kgomo handed down his judgment on 27 March 2014. The only reason those witnesses mentioned his "innocence" was because they were called to try and convince the judge that the boy deserves a lesser sentence. I however doubt they succeeded due to the fact that State Prosecutor Hannes Cloete actually blamed each and every one of them of being biased and that they were being manipulated by the murderer.

What is important to realise is the fact that the murderer and his supporters aren't focussing their efforts on his sentencing, but rather on his future appeal. This to me is a big mistake, because the evidence against him was overwhelming and his chances of the appeal being successful are slim to none. Therefore, he is most likely going to receive the maximum of 25 years imprisonment for his crimes and instead of attempting to bring that number down, they apparently don’t care. He will therefore spend a long time behind bars if his appeal fails. I don’t believe the boy/murderer has much to say in the matter. His supporters are so ardent in their believe of his innocence that they clearly don’t see what is most likely going to be the end result.

Kgomo postponed the sentencing hearing until the 3rd of June for another four days. If both the State and Defence manages to finish, Kgomo will most likely postpone again for a few days or a week before sentencing the boy.




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User Comments:
Photos - by Deon vd Westhuizen
June 02 2014 10:04:09


I would like to know from pic 4 and pic 5, where in relationship to these would the back door have been?

Thank you

Re: Sentencing delayed - by Bonita
June 12 2014 21:42:42

It just seems crazy that if he gets 25 years it works out to be 5 years per what he was found guilty of. 5 years for murdering a person (let's not even mention the person being your parent) 5 years for raping your sister. 5 years for murdering your sister in the most horrendous way. He should get life. Don't get me wrong there is a small part of me that does feel sorry for him. But then I remind myself what he did to his father, mother, sister and still defeating ends of justice. He shot them them shot them execution style to make sure they dead. He raped his sister, and I stand to be corrected but I get the gist it was not the first time he may have raped her. He beat her up so badly her face was hardly recognizable. He hunted her while she was trying to escape. Shot her again while she died next to her mom. People she ran to for protection. He lied and and and. And maybe he only gets 25 years. It's just does not seem right.

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The Griekwastad Murders
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