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The Griekwastad Murders
The Griekwastad Murders
Sentencing Document from the Northern Cape High Court
The Griekwastad Murders

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Hi there,

Sentencing in the Griekwastad murder trial will take place from Tuesday 13 May until Friday 16 May. I'll be there and will tweet directly from the courtroom. Otherwise I'll post additional stories about the sentencing on this blog as it unfolds.

So watch this space!



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User Comments:
Re: Sentencing - by Riri
May 18 2014 00:09:38

I just purchased your book a day ago I was so interested in the story like many others In SA that finished the book in a day. Firstly I cannot believe someone could do that to their own flesh n blood n not feel an ounce of regret or shame my heart bleeds for Marthella so young n so beautiful n being harmed by someone who should have been the person who protects her.

It disturbs me that his guardian n some of his family members are still fighting for his innocence it's is straight forward n so clear he is guilty it really is pathetic that a human can stand up for wrong being so religious but standing up for wrong n helping someone get away with such a cruel sun

I hope that this boy is locked up forever n he pays for the pain he put his own family trough he should not be given rights as a child n he should never have because anyone that can brutally kill 3 people on his own is fully capable of taking the punishment that should comes his way!
Good job on the book I'm glad SA journalists are letting the world n public know the truth of our justice system our police force n out country

Good luck for the future :)

Re: Sentencing - by Adair
June 04 2014 00:03:44

I have followed this story and trial and read your book.What horrifies me is that his supporters are so intent on 'getting him off' instead of getting him a proper psychological assessment.He is I believe,a psychopath who is indeed a danger to society.

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The Griekwastad Murders
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