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The Griekwastad Murders
The Griekwastad Murders
Sentencing Document from the Northern Cape High Court
The Griekwastad Murders

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Don Steenkamp is the Griekwastad Murderer

Hi there,

As you can see, Don Steenkamp is the Griekwastad Murderer who raped his sister and murdered her and their parents. Don celebrated his 18th birthday recently and because he decided to appeal, he will be embroiled in legal proceedings after he came of age and therefore we can now identify him.

I've uploaded Judge Frans Kgomo's judgment with regards to the sentencing on this website. Please do read it. The new edition of my book will hit the shelves soon. This edition will include a new cover and an epilogue, which covers the sentencing.

I hope you enjoy it!



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User Comments:
Re: Don Steenkamp is the Griekwastad Murderer - by Dolores Potgieter
August 26 2014 09:33:06

Thanks so much. I so enjoyed your book. Just hope the appeal judges don't lessen his sentence.

Re: Don Steenkamp is the Griekwastad Murderer - by Adele Pietermaritzburg
September 02 2014 13:13:48

The book was absolutely gripping - I couldn't put it down - reading it in a day, even forgoing a night's sleep to get to the end!

Re: Don Steenkamp is the Griekwastad Murderer - by Gordon Seiler
September 21 2014 18:44:59

Really good book, well written and well researched.

Re: Don Steenkamp is the Griekwastad Murderer - by Harold loebenstein
November 29 2014 05:13:02

Well documented and as you lead us down the road , looking for a reason for the murder, it was not the money but the rape of his sister and the potential ramifications it would have had on himself , regarding his parents finding out.
It is worthy of making a movie, there was greed , murder , the unbelievable belief that the grandparents and close friends believing he did not do it.
For me he became the Charles Manson of Griekwastad .
In closing , the public prosecutor and state team , gave me much hope that there are fine good people that work for justice, not reward.
I would think that the defense knowing there client had damning evidence against him , should have plea bargained, sometimes i a settlement is better then taking your chance on a judgment.
My heart went out to the later father and husband when the family tried to convince the court that he had raped his daughter

Re: Don Steenkamp is the Griekwastad Murderer - by Tessa
January 22 2015 02:46:36

Thank you for the book. I've just finished reading it, and feel that it's a very important book that all South Africans should read.
For me, the story will never be over until that boy confesses and explains his actions....

Re: Don Steenkamp is the Griekwastad Murderer - by Carol
March 07 2015 09:52:51

Wow - what a super book with such a tragic story. Thank you, I couldn't put the book down - I sincerely hope justice prevails.

Re: Don Steenkamp is the Griekwastad Murderer - by leeanne
June 15 2015 11:20:32

Excellent book! I can't believe that anyone could think he is innocent.

Re: Don Steenkamp is the Griekwastad Murderer - by Cheryl Nell
August 30 2015 10:50:03

Just finished reading your excellent book! I borrowed the book from the library.

Re: Don Steenkamp is the Griekwastad Murderer - by Cindy van der Merwe
September 19 2016 15:10:55

Would like to know whether anybody had find out why he did this terrible things.

And is Don Steenkamp okay in jail

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The Griekwastad Murders
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